A longtime executive, Gregory Malia founded NewLife Homecare Inc. in 2000. As President, he currently oversees the company, which provides care and supplies to individuals with bleeding disorders. In addition to his leadership position, Gregory Malia supports numerous hemophilia organizations nationwide. These include branches of the National Hemophilia Foundation on the West Coast, East Coast, South, and Midwest. Malia also assists FAMOHIO Inc., emPOWERment Inc., and the AIDS Service Center of New York City.

A graduate of King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Gregory Malia excelled at the institution. He took courses in the honors program and qualified for Theta Alpha Kappa, a national honor society. He also received an academic award. Afterwards, Gregory Malia enrolled in Sewanee: The University of the South in Tennessee, where he studied ministry.

Through his academics, he learned the value of religion in his life and has incorporated the concept into his work with fellow hemophiliacs. Gregory Malia also relied on his direct experience with hemophiliac treatment to develop the approach employed by NewLife. Each client receives assistance from a team of professionals, including an insurance advocate, pharmacist, nurse, and pastor. These individuals also consult with the client’s doctor to determine an effective course of treatment. Since assuming his leadership role, Gregory Malia and his firm have pursued legal action against several organizations that may have discriminated against those with bleeding disorders. In federal court, NewLife’s litigators won cases against major insurers, such as Blue Cross companies in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

In his free time, Gregory Malia enjoys outdoor activities, such as walking in the park and sitting by the pier. He also appreciates listening to music. Moreover, he is a serious lifelong theologian who has encountered discrimination across most denominational lines within Christendom. He was confronted at an early age with conflicts of the Christian message and the almost universal view that “bad things only happen to bad people.” He has challenged the entire world of Christianity in a call to follow the one true gospel of Jesus Christ: a gospel of grace and not work, a faith dependent on God's love and kindness. Malia has devoted his life to helping others live fuller lives. He has helped to teach others of the true love of God praised throughout the ages within the Christian and Jewish scriptures and traditions.


University of the South


Aug 1999 - May 2001 | Sewanee, TN


Kings College


Aug 1995 - May 1999 | Wilkes-Barre, PA

Theta Alpha Kappa ( National Honors Society-King's college ), Honors Program (King's College), Exceptional Scholarly Achievement (King's College),


New Life Home Care Inc


Jan 2000 - May 2012 | Pittston, PA

Gregory Malia is a truly unique individual.  Despite having Hemophilia, Gregory follows a simple rule, Live Life.  He encourages all of his clients to do the same.  He possesses an entreprenurial spirit and has started several companies.  He was an a early adopter of proactive therapy and this early experimentation in treatment options served as the foundation of NewLife Home Care and our mission of managing the disorder versus reacting to an event.  This allows our clients to Live Life.Gregory Malia has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, PA. In addition he is also a graduate of the University of the South Theological Education for Ministry. Gregory Malia's background enables NewLife to be very unique, providing both counseling services, and pastoral care.NewLife Home Care offers proactive and emergency care for clients facing bleed disorders. NewLife provides life saving medicine to clients during an emergency in any state. We also facilitate the emotional support that clients may not be receiving. We strive to treat the whole person and not just the disease.Many of the staff at NewLife Home Care Inc. Inc. are members of the bleeding disorder community. We understand that each situation is different. We don't offer representatives, we offer peers and friends. We provide all the necessary medicines and supplies to support the treatment of Hemophilia, Von Willebrand, Bleeding Disorders and other chronic conditions.


listening to music, sit by the pier, Walk in the Park

Charitable Activities

Hemophilia of Georga, NHF, HFM, FamOhio, HFA, Empowerment, ASC NYC, Hemophilia Foundation of California, Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan, Hemophilia Foundation of Florida, Hemophilia Foundation of Kentucky, Hemophilia Foundation of Texas, Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon, Hemophilia Foundation of Western Pennsylvania, Delaware Vally NHF, Hemophilia Foundation of Washington, Hemophilia Foundation of Main, Hemophilia Foundation of New England, Hemophilia Foundation of Arizona, Hemophilia Foundation of North Carolina, Hemophilia Foundation of Louisiana, Hemophilia Foundation of North Dakota, Hemophilia Foundation of Tennessee, Hemophilia Foundation of NYC, HANY, Hemophilia Foundation of Most U.S. States.

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